Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today has been a bad day, no- a horrible day.... * the rest of the entry is left out to protect my family's privacy* It will be edited at a later date.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today was a big day! You both took your first swing at the park and your first bath in the big boy tub.

You loved both! I'm going to let the pictures do the talking... It's been a long day. I promise to write more tomorrow.

I love you Parker!


Time is flying! You're almost 14 months. It's crazy to think you've been here with us for so long.

You were a stinker today. Not a happy day for you. I think we're getting off our schedule and it's really starting to bother you. I've been home for two weeks, your Daddy was home for a week of it. We've been stuck inside all winter because it's been SO COLD. Normally winters here are mild with some really warm days in January and February. Not this year. It's been awful.

It's supposed to be warm this weekend, I can't wait! I'm taking you out for a walk. YAY!

I love you Parker!


We finished buying your summer clothes today. You're all stocked up! We also went by the hotel today and saw Velika, Kim, Christina, and Rey. They all think you're the cutest little guy ever. I think so too. :)
I have to get better at cooking dinner. After the week your Daddy stayed home with us, you're kind of demanding it. I promise I'll try harder.

That's about it for tonight.

I love you Parker!


We have cabin fever. It's been so cold this winter, I just had surgery last week, and money is tight right now. So we're a bit bored. I'm so ready for spring! Ready for walks around the neighborhood, playing in the yard.

We hung out with your Great-Grandparents today for a while, the your Grandparents and your Aunt & Uncle. Christi loves you so much. And you seem to really love her too. So I'm thinking about letting her keep you a Saturday or two. What do you think?

Well, tomorrow is going to be another day stuck inside. :( Gotta rest up!

I love you Parker!


You spent a couple of hours at your Great-Grandmama's house this afternoon. They love you so much. It's wonderful to see you developing a relationship with them. They are so important to me.

Today is one of those days I'm really enjoying being a Mom. You are a beautiful child. Not just physically, your personality is beautiful. You are such a happy person. You smile and laugh so much more that you don't. You go out of your way to make me and your Daddy smile. It makes me proud that we've built an environment for you that makes you want to smile as much as you do. It makes me feel like we're doing things right.

I've said to other people before but I'm not sure I've written it down in here. I realized when I became a Mom that, in order to raise a son I could be proud of, I had to become someone I was proud of. I'm doing it more and more each day. I hope I make you proud.

I love you Parker!


Sorry I haven't written before now. I've been busy recovering. Daddy has been doing the bulk of your care the last four days. Feedings, putting you down for maps, baths, and bedtime. It has been wonderful. You've responded so well!
Here's a cute Parker story... we've taught you how to growl. Sort of. It's more like a sigh but with a growl sound. You put your head forward a bit and wiggle your eyebrows and and go 'uuuhhhaaa'. It's freaking hilarious!

You're walking everywhere, even stopping to pick things up and the standing back up.

I moved all your books today hoping you'd stop throwing them all over the floor. No suck luck. Now they're all over a different part of the den.

You're sleeping later in the morning. We've figured out how to do this. Dinner! Real, family, dinner. You were waking up so early because you were hungry!

Okay, now for the less than awesome stuff. You have a black eye, sort of. You hit yourself in the corner of the eye with your clothes basket last night when I was putting your clothes in the washer. Then tonight you fell and hit your cheek on my forehead. I was laying on my back and you were standing over me and you fell. Your cheek hit my forehead. So it looks like you have a black eye. :( I'm taking a picture of it tomorrow.

I love you Parker!