Monday, October 4, 2010


Our house is now OUR house. It's a great feeling. You stayed with Grandmama and Grandaddy last night. Apparently you wanted to party all night. You didn't go down until 10! And then you woke up at 3, stayed up and hour and you were up for the day at 6.

You've already woken up once, crying, since we put you down an hour ago. Please sleep tonight. Tomorrow is Velika's baby shower and I really need to rest.


I love you Parker!


Tomorrow is the day! But that's not why I'm writing.

You did the sweetest thing with your Daddy today. We were hanging out before bedtime. You stood up, Daddy was laying in the floor. You grabbed his hand and pulled his hand until the two of you got over to your piano. You took his hand and started banging his hand on it. Then you started banging alongside him. It was precious. Simply amazing.

In lesser news, you held my hand walking to your bedroom for bedtime tonight. Again, simply breathtaking.

You are growing into such a happy, sweet little boy. You amaze me every day.

I love you Parker,


We're set to close on the house on Friday at 9am. We're pretty excited. :) This weekend is going to be super busy so I hope you'll be able to bear with us.

We have closing on Friday morning, you're staying with Grandmama and Grandaddy that night. Saturday we have to get the house together because on Sunday I'm throwing Velika her baby shower! You and Daddy will get to go hang out by yourselves for a bit that day.

I'm hoping you'll be okay through all the excitement. Next week will be back to normal.

I love you Parker!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


We're on our way to buying the house! We took a class today to help us get the loan for our house. We're set to close (officially buy) the house on Friday. We're very excited and very nervous. It's a really big deal.

You're just a barrel of monkeys! You are positively the silliest child I've ever known. We've been having you walk yourself to your bedroom or bathroom at night instead of carrying you. Tonight you came all the way to your bedroom and turned around and ran back to your Daddy in the kitchen. I managed to coax you back toward your bedroom again-almost. You turned and ran again, giggling the whole way. You ran into the den through the obstacle course of toys scattered about just cackling! So silly!

You're like this most of the time. An absolutely party to be around. I love you SO MUCH.

I love you Parker!


OH TEETH! You have all four top teeth, three on the bottom, and one molar (top left). Tonight when I was brushing and oragel-ing I found another molar almost through (bottom left) and another one's outside is coming through (top right). You're also still trying to cut your far right bottom tooth. I'm expecting your canines sometime soon. I hear that's NOT FUN. They're pointy. :(

You're so cuddly these days. You love to be read to. I hope that we're planting the seed for a lifelong hobby. Reading makes your life so much more rich. Anything you could wonder about, you can read about. It makes your view of life so much broader.

You had a meltdown at Panera today. NOT COOL. You're ordinarily so well behaved it was a shock to see you break down like that. I'm blaming it on teething, not a new norm.

I love you Parker.


Things are much better. We're getting accustomed to our new schedule. We're not quite as 'tired' of each other anymore. We've been going out to the grocery store and hanging out with your Grandmama some.

Today was a super fun day! Melissa and MacKenzie, Amanda, Shannon, and Velika came over for a bbq. We had burgers and hotdogs, grilled veggies, and roasted potatoes. You were having too much fun to eat much... silly willy. We went to the pool- you LOVED it! You cried when I took you out! I'm thinking we'll be spending lots of time down there this summer. Yay!

You're 16 months old today! Every day you amaze me more and more. You have the silliest disposition. You make me laugh all the time! We still don't have any more words yet but I have a feeling they're coming. You're about to cut two more molars. You have 8 teeth so far.

You eat pretty much anything I give you, even cheese finally! Yay! You prefer tomato sauces over everything else. I can't wait for you to be off of baby food altogether. It's my fault you still do jarred food at lunch. When you eat that stuff I know you're getting what you need. I don't always trust myself to know how to make nutritious food for you.

We're going to see your Great-Grandmama tomorrow. Please go to her, I think it hurts her feelings that you only want me when we're there.

I love you Parker!


I'm having a bad day. We're not used to spending this much time together. I'm so worried about having work to go back to. You aren't used to spending so much time with me. Also, your Dadddy is here more in the mornings but not so much during the day.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. You and Daddy already gave me my present. It's a necklace with your name, the year you were born, and your birthstone. *section purposely left out*

I've actually asked to spend the day in bed. We're so wrung out, you and I, the stress of work being flooded and my just being home is wearing on us.

I love you so much. We're just not used to spending this much time together.

Things are stressful right now. It doesn't mean I don't love you.... Don't ever feel that way.

I love you Parker!