Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sorry I haven't written before now. I've been busy recovering. Daddy has been doing the bulk of your care the last four days. Feedings, putting you down for maps, baths, and bedtime. It has been wonderful. You've responded so well!
Here's a cute Parker story... we've taught you how to growl. Sort of. It's more like a sigh but with a growl sound. You put your head forward a bit and wiggle your eyebrows and and go 'uuuhhhaaa'. It's freaking hilarious!

You're walking everywhere, even stopping to pick things up and the standing back up.

I moved all your books today hoping you'd stop throwing them all over the floor. No suck luck. Now they're all over a different part of the den.

You're sleeping later in the morning. We've figured out how to do this. Dinner! Real, family, dinner. You were waking up so early because you were hungry!

Okay, now for the less than awesome stuff. You have a black eye, sort of. You hit yourself in the corner of the eye with your clothes basket last night when I was putting your clothes in the washer. Then tonight you fell and hit your cheek on my forehead. I was laying on my back and you were standing over me and you fell. Your cheek hit my forehead. So it looks like you have a black eye. :( I'm taking a picture of it tomorrow.

I love you Parker!

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