Sunday, April 25, 2010


Wow teething. You're trying to cut two teeth on the bottom in the front-on either side of the two you have now and a molar. On Tylenol, you're fine. No tylenol or nap... Your prebirth nickname 'monster baby' comes to mind. I called you 'monster baby' when you were in my belly because you made me so sick. It was cute then. It's not cute now.

We went to the Southern Women's Show today. You were tired when we went. You had a total meltdown and finally passed out. You went down really easily tonight. I hope you sleep straight through.

We're going to buy the house we're living in, hopefully. Your Daddy is working as hard as he can to get this place to be ours. I'm really excited and nervous.

Tomorrow I'll make sure you get a proper nap, I promise.

**added as I type this: I wanted you to see what you looked like on your 2nd Easter, so that's the picture at the bottom.**

I love you Parker!

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