Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have been super bad about writing lately. We've been busy. You run now. It's cute. Kind of like an old drunk guy. We took you outside after dinner and you fell twice. Scraped knees but you're fine.

You are getting so silly! Always making silly sounds, gurgling, and making fart sounds. You walk around doing this 'singing' kind of noise. You don't seem interested in saying real words at all. But you're constantly chattering.

And you're into everything! Your Daddy and I were trying to get us all packed for our wedding anniversary, we stayed at Opryland and you stayed with your Grandmama and Grandaddy. We took our eyes off of you for a second- you opened a bottle of your baby soap and spilled it all over a shelf on the bookcase in your room and then you were rubbing it all around the shelf with both hands! It was the biggest mess, I think we may have ruined our comforter. Oops. There was soap all over the bottom of a basket, we didn't know. You were so proud of yourself. It was really funny.

I love you Parker!

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