Sunday, June 13, 2010


We're on our way to buying the house! We took a class today to help us get the loan for our house. We're set to close (officially buy) the house on Friday. We're very excited and very nervous. It's a really big deal.

You're just a barrel of monkeys! You are positively the silliest child I've ever known. We've been having you walk yourself to your bedroom or bathroom at night instead of carrying you. Tonight you came all the way to your bedroom and turned around and ran back to your Daddy in the kitchen. I managed to coax you back toward your bedroom again-almost. You turned and ran again, giggling the whole way. You ran into the den through the obstacle course of toys scattered about just cackling! So silly!

You're like this most of the time. An absolutely party to be around. I love you SO MUCH.

I love you Parker!

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