Sunday, June 13, 2010


OH TEETH! You have all four top teeth, three on the bottom, and one molar (top left). Tonight when I was brushing and oragel-ing I found another molar almost through (bottom left) and another one's outside is coming through (top right). You're also still trying to cut your far right bottom tooth. I'm expecting your canines sometime soon. I hear that's NOT FUN. They're pointy. :(

You're so cuddly these days. You love to be read to. I hope that we're planting the seed for a lifelong hobby. Reading makes your life so much more rich. Anything you could wonder about, you can read about. It makes your view of life so much broader.

You had a meltdown at Panera today. NOT COOL. You're ordinarily so well behaved it was a shock to see you break down like that. I'm blaming it on teething, not a new norm.

I love you Parker.

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