Saturday, August 29, 2009


In two days you'll be seven months old. Time is really flying! You're rolling over really well-especially for your toys.

Your 'Aunt Kristen' may be coming up to see you in about a month... we'll see how things go.

There is so much that I want to talk to you about here. I'm afraid to start tonight. I will tell you that I've mentioned I was pregnant shortly before I got pregnant with you and I lost that baby. It was a baby-it had a heartbeat. It was supposed to be born on August 28th of last year.

If I hadn't miscarried that baby I wouldn't have you. It still hurts my heart to know I made a baby that didn't live. But I have you and you're the most amazing, wonderful dream come true. I'm still sad for that baby but you make it so much easier.

Knowing that I have a son as beautiful, smart, and silly as you helps ease the pain of that loss so much. I imagine that you wanted me more. I probably am not making much sense and I hope that you never have to share that pain with your wife...

You are perfect. I'm so happy to have you. We're still waiting on teeth. I've been thinking for months you were getting teeth. You will someday.

I'm sleepy and not making much sense.

Oh-you've slept through the night the last three nights! YAY!

I love you Parker!

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