Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The time is passing so quickly these days! You'll be nine months old tomottow. I just can't believe it. You'll be out as long as you were in my belly. Strange... But good. :)

You're getting closer to crawling every day. You're getting around just fine with your rolling-inchworm-armycrawl but I can see the actual crawling on your hands and knees coming just any time now.

You still only have your bottom two teeth. I would have thought for sure you would have gotten at least one of your top teeth by now. I'm not worried, you'll get them all soon enough.

We took you to a pumpkin patch today. You got four pumpkins! You seemed to really like watching the animals and you loved the hayride. You are such a fun little guy! We got great pictures!

That's all for tonight!

I love you Parker!

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