Thursday, October 22, 2009


Lots of things to cover tonight. I'll try to do them in the order they happened. One of your Great-Grandmothers passed away on Sunday. You had never met her. She is your Grandaddy's Mother. She had alzheimers for years. It is never good when someone dies but it was her time. We're going to her funeral in the morning.

You had your nine month check-up on Monday. You weigh 21 lbs 12 oz and are 28 and 3/4 inches long. You're getting so big! Dr. Wells says your verbal skills are a little ahead for your age... I could have told her that! :) We've developed a little problem ****left out purposely for Parker's privacy****

You are pretty consistently in twelve month clothes now. It has worked out perfectly because it has been unseasonably cool this fall and all your long sleeves and pants are the right size. Yay!

Today, you had your nine month pictures done. Ameila did them again, she's awesome. You made me sing for your smiles again! I think you like embarrassing me in public! :) Singing 'Mr. Sun' in a photography studio is nothing like singing for friends at a party! But as much as we listen to music and sing at home and in the car, I guess I shouldn't be surprised you'd want it in public too.

 We had a little mishap at the end of your pictures. You were sitting on some blocks and fell off. Oh my, how you cried. No real damage done, we all sort of tried to catch you. I think your Daddy broke most of your fall. It scared you pretty bad though. Lots of tears.

I think that's all for today.

I love you Parker!

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