Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today was so much better in terms of your eating. I promised you this morning if you'd take all of your bottles without complaint, I'd give you a tiny bit of cereal at bedtime. You held up your end of the deal beautifully. You even ate plain cereal without fussing. And THEN drank six full ounces of formula! Way to go P!

I didn't start naps in your room today because I wanted the focus to be on your eating. I was really torn about that decision but I felt like I made the right one.

Daddy will be home with us tomorrow so there's no turning back. I hate that I let my wants come before your needs for so long but tomorrow we begin to change that.

Tomorrow will be hard but we've gotten through all the previous hard days. I'm excited to see the day that naps aren't all I talk about.

I'm making this change because I love you, know that.

I love you Parker!

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