Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Parker, I love you son, but I'm so tired. Getting up at 5 am isn't working for me. I feel myself aging more and more every day. It's getting hard to play with you because I'm so exhausted. You're going to have to start sleeping for an extra hour.... I could do 6 am. But not 5. I've lived half a day before I even get to work. And I have to be on my toes at work. My attentiveness and personality keep you fed. If I'm asleep in the corner we're all going to starve.

I'm starting to push your bedime back to see if that will get you to sleep later. I don't have much hope though, honestly. I suppose I'm just going to have to adjust. And drink LOTS of coffee.

 I love you so much but I'm frustrated and I feel like it's interfering with my care for you. I'm just exhausted.

I love you so... I'm so tired.

I love you Parker!

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