Saturday, December 26, 2009


And we're back to sleep! Good grief son! You're napping well, that's not the problem. You've been waking up at 4;30 am every morning for the last three or four weeks. It is killing me. Absolutely wearing me down. I've tried changing a couple of things... different diaper, moving your monitor-the light on it is really bright. And not letting you go down until after seven. I'm pushing your bedtime back to 7:30 tomorrow.

In less stressful news, or maybe more, you're learning to pull up! I'm excited for you! I guess walking isn't too far off. That makes me so nervous. You'll be into everything then. But it shows that you're growing up and getting stronger!

I'm trying to sneak some meat in, you aren't liking that. But you have to eat meat! I don't know how to cook vegeterian! :)

We'll figure all this out. I hope before I lose my mind.

I love you Parker!

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