Saturday, December 26, 2009


I wish these teeth would come in! Your poor gums look so bad! Your top left front tooth has broken through. The right one is starting to break the gum in one spot. The outside two... oh goodness, they look like a war zone. Poor thing... I'm hoping when those nasty things come through you'll sleep later in the mornings.

I'm a little frustrated with your Grandparents. There's a tiny possibility, and I mean tiny, that I could get a better job. If I did, I'd have to put you in daycare at least two days a week. The possibility is so small I shouldn't be upset. I just hoped I'd have more support... Eh, whatever. We'll figure it out if something happens. But if you know to wish for things, wish for this to happen for Mommy. It would mean so much to me, that the last 12 years of my life haven't been wasted, workwise.

That's all for tonight!

I love you Parker!

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