Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There's so much going on right now. Good things and bad. And I feel like I need to tell you all of them. We'll start with the good.

You're getting more and more mobile. And you've learned to sit up by yourself. You're also currently trying to cut four teeth! That's right, FOUR! I think, at times, you're a bit of an overachiever! :)

So now, the not so good... Lots of my friends- your baby friends- are having problems in their marriages. So much talk of divorce. Nattalie, Shannon and Jay's daughter, is going to grow up with only a Mom.  Aunt Melissa has had problems recently. Another friend of mine, Michele, is considering divorcing her husband. And your Aund Christi is having to deal with the possibility as well...

I promise you, no matter what happens between your Daddy and I, we will always be here for you. Together. We meant it when we said forever. And not that we have you, we mean it even more. We promised each other that wo would bear each other's burdens, that we would lift each other up, that we would always respect each other, and nost importantly we would always remember that we love each other.

I'm so glad that you will never have to bear the burden of a broken home. Your father and I are so lucky to have each other and we know it. And we make each other aware of it every day. We are doubly lucky to have you.

I love you Parker!

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