Friday, February 19, 2010


We entered a new year today, a new decade. Life is all so new to you. I don't think you can truly appreciate the passage of time.

For me, it is measured out in hours spent with you and hours spent without.

We've had two bad bedtimes in the last two days. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be easier. I so desperately need it to be.

 I need all the coming days to be easier but I doubt that wish is going to be granted. Your father and I have some hard times ahead. I promised you earlier that we'd always be together and I have no intention of breaking that promise.

 When you get older, you and I are going to have a candid, possibly uncomfortable conversation about how to be a husband. I hope you'll listen to me. I have a bit of experience.

 I love you more than the law should allow and I'm so proud of you!

By the way, you cut another tooth overnight. It is the one on the left beside your front tooth.

I love you Parker!

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