Friday, February 19, 2010


I got the year right tonight... it's so strange to be in a new year. I look back on the one past and there's just so much. My life has become so full, so rich. A lot of my time last year was spent worrying whether or not I was a good enough Mom, if I was doing everything right...

This year will be spent much the same but I feel that I have a little experience now so the worries about being a bad Mom feel slightly less. Oh I'll still worry about it but I'm learning to trust myself more. And to follow your lead more at times. You just happen to know more about being a baby than I remember. :)

In the coming months, we'll be weaning formula, bottles, and baby food. I'm nervous but excited. You're getting so big! This time next year I hope to be explaining to you that you'll be a big brother. We just have to get your Daddy on board...

It's late and you're still insisting on waking up at or before 5 am. I love you so much. In less than ten days I'll have a toddler! I'm so proud of you!!

I love you Parker!

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