Saturday, February 20, 2010


You've given your Daddy and I quite a scare. You've gotten your first real stomach bug. You had horrible diarrea yesterday. You had no life this morning. Your eyes looked tired, your color was bad, and you were adamant that I, only I, hold you. You spent a couple of hours in and out of sleep. I was so scared we'd end up in the emergency room. You were so dehydrated.

We finally got you to eat some plain rice cereal with bananas. Afterward you started taking bottles again. Half formula and half pedialyte. We thought you were in the clear until late this afternoon. Another wet poop. Now you have horrible diaper rash. It looks like someone beat your bottom with a belt. It looks so angry.

I'm hoping that you'll be better in the morning. It's snowing. Really snowing. I want to take you out and let you experience snow for the first time. I've already taken lots of pictures for you but I want you to see it for yourself.

I'll write more tomorrow night, these last two days have worn me thin. I'm afraid I feel a migrane coming on.:(

I love you Parker!

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