Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I can't believe that tomorrow you'll be three months old. I know that I write that I can't believe this or that a lot. It's just crazy that you're changing and growing so much!

I think I've figured out the problens we've been having... I railed against 'scheduling' you from the moment you were born. It worked until now, I realized now that you're a little older you need a schedule. I also realized that you have sort of been running the show. Of course right now it's all about what you need or want but I wasn't giving you any structure. It really should have come to me before now, I need structure, why wouldn't you? Silly me.

So, I'm enforcing naptime which really seems to be helping. I'm putting you in your swing between eight and nine am and then again between two and three in the afternoon. Mow ew just have to get Daddy to stop putting you back in our bed at night.

He's really driving me crazy with that. He puts you in our bed then complains you won't sleep in yours. Good grief.

You're sleeping now so I should really get up and get some housework done...

I love you Parker!

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